Karel de Grote University College supports their students dreams

Karel de Grote University is the largest college in Antwerp and it consists of 9 campuses. It offers many fields of study such as healthcare, commercial sciences, education, social work etc. Family and Job, z.s. and Karel de Grote University are partners in Erasmus project „Professional childcare in European Nurseries“ and KdG are doing international programs with 211 european partners.

KdG stands for sustainable development, for students, staff and society. In a mutual interaction, based on an inviting learning, living and working environment. Driven to let students perform to the best of their abilities and work towards top quality. Driven by values, Christian inspired, open towards other ideologies. They aim high, always respectfully and give anyone a fair chance. Important is also devotion of attention to intercultural dialogue and acting, the power of co-creation, motivation and self -management.

KdG’s learning context is  innovative and challenging. Offer to each student and staff member is an intercultural experience, home or international. In a co-creative atmosphere with students, alumni, teachers and professionals KdG enlarges its powerful and interdisciplinary learning environments. Their methods encourage knowledge sharing and learning through experiences and cases, across fields of study. Part of the ideology is to implement new methods of workplace learning.

KdG makes room for audacity, exploration and experiment. The “failure” is as an actual learning opportunity.  That is why the curricula, education and evaluation methods pro-actively anticipate new workplace and society developments, on a solid basis and drawn up for students. At KdG learning support and empowering feedback both serve as a structural part of the learning environment.


They also conduct socially relevant scientific research and publish the results by means of printed media, on study days, in study programmes and via education. Services such as research, education, coaching and consultancy are offered for external partners as well.