Intergenerational learning in the “garden for all generations”

After the team of the project returned from Athens project meeting, there are new community events to be implemented.

An outdoor event for children and parents took place in Kolín in the “Garden for All Generations”, adjacent to the nursery Medvědi. The event took place on June 27, 2023 from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The theme of the entire meeting was “My family” and it was chosen on purpose, because that is where each child’s first experiences with intergenerational learning are. The selected topic presents a comprehensive view of the family as such (roles and their relational and social contexts), the child’s specific family and the families the child meets in his surroundings. The meaning is the understanding of one’s own uniqueness, respect for others, mutual support and the connection of families.

With the help of volunteers, work and art activities were prepared for the children, which copied this theme. The picture of the family as a puzzle had to be put together correctly. Older children became familiar with the letters in words denoting family members. All the members of the large family were placed in the prepared template of the house, printed and in laminating foils. As a souvenir, the children took home a worksheet in which they drew the characteristics of their parents with the volunteers. In order not to stay with the children only with the creative work, we interspersed the event with a lot of physical activities that the children could complete on their own or with the assistance of their parents.

The team of pedagogues talked with the parents in small groups about the field of intergenerational learning, and we were glad that, in addition to mothers and fathers, some grandmothers and grandfathers also took part in the event.

Research shows that children, young people and adults can form partnerships in which they work together and learn from each other. However, by involving entire families in communities and other support systems, one can get one step closer to the goal of raising healthy young people, building strong and responsible families.

The garden party was attended by 33 children aged 0-7 years, over 40 adults (including 2 volunteers, 5 teachers).