2nd transnational meeting took place in Seville, Spain

It has been 6 months since the team of ProChil met for the last time in Antwerp and so it was time again to meet up and talk about the work done, tasks planned and about the achievement of the project. The 2nd transnational meeting of the project (and 3rd meeting of the team taking into account that the 1st joined learning activity took place in spring already) was hosted by our Spanish partner – Asisttel in Seville.

As usual, partners met on the first day in the evening to have dinner together, to talk and to prepare for the meeting in a nice environment of the Picoteo restaurant.

On Monday the partners had the opportunity to visit the “Bob Esponja” (Sponge Bob) nursery. They were welcomed by Mrs. Emilia Gómez, the head of the Asisttel Childhood Area and they learned about the school and the educational programme of the nurseries. After the lunch the project meeting followed. The almost finalized comparative study was presented, then each of the partners presented their parts of the methodology and the worksheets were discussed.

On Tuesday the partners visieted other two nurseries – the Torre Triana Nursery and the Nemo Nursery.

After that there was a short wrap up and the meeting was closed.

The meeting fullfilled its purpose and based on the steps taken we are looking forward to publishing the comparative study soon. Next meeting is planned for the end of February and it will take place in Liverpool.