ProChil outputs presented in Athens

The ERASMUS+ program “Professional Childcare in European Nurseries” was presented at the Department of “Early Childhood Education and Care” of the University of West Attica on the 21st of May 2019.

The seminar opened with a greeting from Prof. Trifeni Sidiropoulou.

Constantinos Fissas, Programs coordinator of PLAYING NGO, presented the program to more than 50 students of the Department.

The Comparative study of early child care in the partner countries was presented. Participants were invited to discuss the findings of the report. Participants discussed the accessibility of childcare services and the need of providing good quality services. Participants mentioned than socio-economic changes have taken place over the last years , (ie. growing numbers of single-parent families, decline in birth rates, increase in the number of cohabitations and one-person households, etc.). Those changes will affect the services and the needs of families.

Participants commented on the very low percentage (less than 10%)  that children under 3 years old are in formal childcare. Grandparents are usually entrusted with the role of taking care of very young children and they predict that this might change. Parents will seek services for taking care for younger children and professionals should be ready to respond to the anticipated demand.

The proposed curricula and the work sheets were presented. Participants commented positively about the learning material and on the practical tips offered. They felt that the curricular covers a very wide range of relevant material.

Two videos were presented from the pilot e-learning module. The videos generated a lively discussion about the role of the preschool teacher. Participants commented on the need to easily access revenant information about their profession.  The difference between written and visual guidelines was also highlighted. We discussed the anticipated difficulties of the future preschool teachers. Most participants focused on the pressure of the parents. Good quality training, innovative methods and good communication among staff were identified as very important. The curricular, the work sheets and the videos will support their professional role in the preschool.

Participants felt that the program will offer skills and expertise. They felt that their role will be supported in a very practical manner.


  1. Presentation of PLAYING NGO (5 min)
  2. Programs implemented by PLAYING NGO (5 min)
  3. Presentation of ProChil: Professional Childcare in European Nurseries (90 min)
    1. Description of the project and partnership
    2. Aim of the project
    3. Presentation of the report “Comparative study of early child care in the partner countries” and discussion
    4. Presentation of curriculum and work sheets
    5. Presentation of “the pilot e-learning module” and discussion
  4. Closure and conclusions