The Montessori aspect of the ProChil project – meet Montessori Kladno

Apart from the coordinator – Family and Job – there is another Czech NGO which is a partner in the project. Montessori klub a mateřská škola Kladno (Montessori club and kindergarten Kladno) spreads Montessori pedagogy among the public. The team runs their own Montessori preschool for children 3-6 years old and a club for toodlers with parents.

Other activities of Montessori Kladno include Montessori workshops for parents (or parents and kids together), organizing conferences, courses, seminars about Montessori pedagogy, sharing good practice with other preschool facilities. They act as a supporting organisation for parents who educate their children according to Montessori principles.

Petra Líbová, the director of Montessori Kladno says: “We think that the Montessori pedagogical approach is timeless and comprehensive. It takes into account the children and their needs and it perfectly works in practice. We love the enthusiasm of the children when they are excited to make progress. We believe that it is important to spread the principles of the Montessori pedagogical approach and we want to pass on the experience we have made. The principles of Montessori pedagogical approach are something every nurse should learn even when nurse doesn’t use it completely because it can be a big inspiration for any kind of work with children (and for own education as well).”

In the club and preschool facilities they mainly educate children from about 18 months to 6 years. The little ones join programmes together with their parents.

As the co-founder says „We percieve the lack of quality education opportunities for nurses in the Czech Republic and we want to create a programme for them which we want to have accreditted by the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.“ The ProChil programme will have the added value in a form of the Montessori approach to children.