Asisttel: caring from young to old – meet the Spanish partner of the ProChil project

Asisttel is a Spanish company with more than 20 years of experience in provision of Care Services for elderly and dependent people as well as Training Services, being one of the first national companies in the Care Sector.

The main objective of Asisttel’s activities is to get a positive social impact on dependent people and collectives at risk of social exclusion. Based on the social character of the services offered from the company, their main goal it’s to satisfy the demand of dependent people, in order to achieve a greater social development. They work mainly with dependent people and people at risk of social exclusion: elderly, children, disabled people, immigrants, long-term unemployed and others.

Asisttel manages nursing homes for elders, both “day care centers for older persons” and “residential centers for elderly people”. These centers provide services to more than 300 elderly people of which approximately 75% have different type of dementia and mental disabilities. For this reason, they offer a personalized itinerary and intervention program for each user. Asisttel tries to encourage the user’s personal autonomy while covering their heath, personal and social needs. Among others, the company offers specialized care programs in different pathologies – having a specific working area for people with mental disabilities such as: alzheimer, parkinson, musculoskeletal diseases. The company researches and launches the newest treatments in order to improve the physical and functional condition of users.


The new social needs have generated an increased demand for domiciliary care services, aimed to dependent people. Asisttel offers this service since 2004, as a result of the demand generated in the society. Asisttel provides an integrated Home Care Assistance for dependent people: elderly, people with disabilities, sick persons, children and people that in general require support to carry out basic activities of daily life. A personal and domiciliary integrated care service is offered, based on personal and socio-sanitary actions, domestic service, specialized healthcare and professional support.


The company has a Training Center with certificated facilities in which it is offered training programs, classroom and online training, targeted to a wide range of audiences: people that work on the Socio-sanitary sector and people that want to continue their knowledge trough quality training. The company is specialized in the care sector, offering Vocational Training in: social health care to people at home, social health care to dependent people in social institutions, specific trainings for caregivers. They  are accredited in the teaching of more than 50 Certificates of Professionals Standards. One of the premises of their training activities is the attention to diversity and disadvantaged groups, such as people discriminated because of their sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, origin among others. For this reason, many of the collectives who participate in the training courses are immigrants, women with low level of education, unemployed people and young people.

A wide range of the training courses are aimed to caregivers and professionals working in the healthcare sector. Many of the courses they offer are aimed at obtaining Professional Certificates. In addition to developing training activities in the classroom, they receive trainees from various training courses. During this phase of their training, students can participate directly in the daily work that professionals carry out in the geriatric centers.


Since 2004 Asisttel runs facilities that provide childcare services for children in the age of 0-3 years through the management of public and private nurseries (kindergartens) around Andalusia. The Asisttel ́s nurseries schools offer a new concept of childcare, broader than the traditional concept, better adapted to the today’s parents. Currently they manage 14 children nurseries. They have developed own educational methodology and an innovative project that allow them to provide an unique and distinctive services. Apart from this, Asisttel has a high experience in the delivery of courses aimed both at future professionals futures in the child area and internal training to their staff.