Addaptation to ECEC: The Swedish way

The most important idea of the ProChil project is learning from each other, listening to each other, getting inspiration from abroad. As the systems of Early Childhood Education and Care varies in different EU countries, there are different methods, different ways to deal with problems. In the project each of the partners deals with a specific topic. In March, during our stay in Antwerpen we had the possibility to discuss these topics. Johanna and Sofie from Brudhammars Förskola, our  Swedish partners, held a workshop about addressing special educational situations. 

In a short series of article we will bring you information on the following topics:

  • Adaptation to ECEC
  • Self esteem of the child
  • Integration of children with another mother tongue
  • Working with children from families with different social problems
  • Working with children with special needs

Adaptation to ECEC

In Sweden, specific importance and care is given to the adaptation process of the youngest children. In Sweden the parents have the right to leave their children at preschool from the year the child turns one year of age, which makes the adaptation process crucial. The information below is based on how the process is going on in Brudhammars Förskola.

The children’s introduction to preschool is going on for two weeks. This ensures that both children and their parents have the time to get to know the teachers and surroundings in their preschool. During this time, the parents/guardians get an insight into how the preschool works and which activities and routines there are. This time is valuable and needed in order to build a relationship based on trust between teachers and guardians, which gives the children a safer start in preschool.

If several children are enrolled at the same time, the teachers summon a parent meeting, where the staff explains the expectations of the parents/guardians. The meeting ends with a walking tour, the guardians can see the premises before the child’s first day. This makes the guardians feel safer and they are calmer when leaving the children who enter their first day in preschool.

The first week of schooling the guardians stay with their child between 9 am and 2 pm. During this time, they take part in the acitivities and get a good insight into what’s going on in the preschool on a day to day basis. The parents also help with different practical tasks and the teachers can spend more time with the new children.

If an interpreter is needed for the teachers and guardians to understand each other (and it is often the case in Sweden), he or she can be booked for first day or two. During these days a meeting is held between the parties with the interpreter present. If needed, a special needs educator is present during the introduction and leeds a meeting with the guardins and the teachers.

During the second week, the guardians leave their children at preschool but are available if there is a need for the child to go home earlier or if the child needs the guardians support during theday.